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Jul 2, 2008
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a place few people heard of
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been trying new stuff(new for me) in photoshop. let me know what you think. also take a look at these and offer your opinions if posible.

MY way
i dont get the pink... what are you trying to tell with this photo?
the pink is not from me... the actual alley is pink... dunno why but it is and i figured let it be like that and i liked the color. well its just my way... in this part of the world pink is the color of good life...
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One of the first examples I've seen for a while where selective colouring works. The leaves on the path somehow make it seem a little messy, though. The highlights are blown in the top half, as well.
I think it's a very interesting picture, but would have preferred to see a brick color on the walk.
Correct me if i am wrong but this is a conversion were you make the photo B&W then you go over what you want to be i color and photoshop restores the real colors.

This reminds me that i need to post mine that does the same photo editing.
lol... now that i see it posted i realize i should have lowered the saturation of the pink... the pink in the photo is real, i mean the way it came out of the camera but i should have desaturated it a bit

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