Back Street, Lucca


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Apr 1, 2004
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a very nice capture.
i like the interaction between the
man and the light path.

this looks like film.
if so, what film was used here?
Nice shot.
Love Lucca.

It was funny: when the photo loaded, it loaded slowly. So I first only saw the top bit and thought by myself "A Tuna-photo ... being so GREY only? There must be a bright bottom, else I don't believe it is a 'genuine Tuna'."

And voilà!
There it developed on my screen. The ray of light outlining this one person. Bingo!

Another "genuine Tuna" ... and taken in LUCCA, of all places. How I envy you for the chance to have BEEN there!!!
Why reala?

I have been loading color film lately which has allowed me to concentrate more on learning to see, capture and finish in color - I have found the colors and dynamic range of Reala to be pretty good. When needed, I can also see and shoot in B&W knowing that the conversion works well with this film. I also shoot slide film occasionally but the colors aren't as subtle and B&W conversions are very harsh.
... and taken in LUCCA, of all places. How I envy you for the chance to have BEEN there!!!

Corinna, you are but a hop-skip away, you should take the opportunity to go if it comes up. I have a photographer friend who lives there and he laments the slowly rising influx of tourists in his city but it is still relatively free of the crowds of tourists I encountered throughout the rest of Italy. A beautiful town full of street-shot opportunities for you and your Leica...

I like streets like that.
They have a soul!
Where is Lucca situated?
In Tuscany, in Italy, Oleg.
And the "hop-skip" from here to Lucca is a 18-hour drive ...

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