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Backdrop for animal photos


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Feb 27, 2007
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Miami, FL
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Okay. Heres the situation. I have been needing photos of certain animals for projects that are still housed in the quarantine area of the zoo. This area is off display to the public and in large part fairly unrefined. Pretty much chain-link fencing that surrounds the enclosure. I was thinking of using a 48"x48" (or larger) printed backdrop to block off a part of the scene to compose my shots to better enhance a natural setting, I was wondering if I should print a blurred out background or one more in focus that will "blow-out" with the natural DOF. Never used a back-drop before so any advise will be apreciated. Thanks.
maybe you can drape sheets over the chain link fence. I bet Bass Pro Shops has something that would provide a descent background. Even solids may work.
Thanks TC, that is pretty neat. I am sure Bass Pro shop will have a camou-like tarp I could use. I thought of the green screen effect, but hate editing my photos like that.
well after looking at your flickr account I would have to agree with Mike E. You can shoot any plate (background picture) you want and then put the animal in front in your final print. You could fake the shots that you have of the guerilla really easily if you had shot that in front of a green screen. This will look much more natural then using a camo backdrop. If you go this rout I would suggest using after effects for keying out the green rather than using photoshop. As long as the backdrop is lit evenly then this shouldn't take you any longer than 5 minutes to complete (plus the rendering time). Good luck with whatever you try!

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