Ballerina on Pointe


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Nov 28, 2011
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Here are a few shots from just a fun shoot I got to do earlier this week. I wasn't paid. I was just wanting to shoot something. lol

Yes, I know her head is slightly out of focus. I was using an SMC Takumar 55mm m42 lens because I don't have a 50mm that can autofocus (I don't use this focal length much). But these photos will probably only ever be web sized or printed small, so I am...tolerant...of it. :(

Yes, I know, armpits. Unattractive. But I like this photo anyways. I did get rid of the shadow in the armpit if that helps. lol
I like the first, regardless of the 'pit. The first would be just as great, but I think there needs to be more light on her legs/feet.
I agree... #1 needs better light on her legs. But nice images! With dancers, you get armpits.. it can't be helped... lol!
I dig the dramatic light, but then I am a ballet fan, so these pictures are All About The Drama for me. It gives a nice stagey feel (possibly because it's on a stage? That would be pretty stagey) Similarly, I don't mind the armpits one bit, it's how the ballerinas roll, man. She can wave her armpits at me all day.

The way you've placed her against a little pool of light is very nice. It makes her pop a bit, without being a cutout, and while retaining the feeling of dark surroundings.
Nice. I like both. Maybe dodge the legs very subtly in the first shot, but not so much as to make it an obvious dodge.
Would I be right in guessing that the tutu caused the shadow/low light on the legs?

NICE photos, I especially like #2. The floor pattern is a bit distracting but not majorly so and I know well that with dance shots you take what you're given.
I really like the first.. but do wish we had more light on the legs.
i d shoot from a lower perspective and point the camera up. and i don't dig the floor it really kills it for me
I also love the first one. I agree that the legs too much in the dark, it is still a lovely shot.
as an ex ballerina I love these by default but I would love to see those pointe shoes with more light on them :)
Yeah I realized after I got on the computer at work that the legs are a bit dark. :( On my Windows laptop the black contrast is less so they seem less dark on my computer as opposed to computers with better monitors. lol

I'll see if maybe I can dodge them a bit at least.
#1 is a banger.

Why do people hate on arm pits?
I like #1, with the darker legs. Makes you focus more on her and her determination, and not her pose. (if that makes sense)

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