Batu caves


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Dec 29, 2009
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Hello everyone!

I was little bit busy working to my new directory but I'm here again.
What I'm going to post today is another part of the photos I did in Malaysia, at Batu Caves, not far from KL.
You can reach the place by taxi or bus, depending on the time and budet you got.







Comments and critiques always welcomed...
For the complete job, the story, and more details:
photos of Batu Caves
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Thank you to everyone for the reply and the comment... the first one is just to have idea about this place.
Beside that the monkeys, maybe look sweet, are really dangerous and one of them trying to bite me!
That's a very interesting looking place. I think it would have been fun if you'd got a shot where the monkey was giving you eye contact!

Thanks for sharing.
#1: this reflection?
#2: This is Hindu God Muruga; right?
#3 etc... i like the monkey series....

No is not a reflection... I was inside the cave looking upwards.
Yes is Muruga!

A lot of monkey s### all over

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