Bay Bridge


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Dec 11, 2005
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Washington D.C. Metro Area
bla bla bla Most Maryland'ers would not know this but the bridge has an official name, it's called the William Preston Lane, Jr. Memorial Bridge. I shot this using a 500 mm lens from my boat.

Oh, I so like the composition of this photo!
Sorry you came by this on your boat too late for the Bridge-Challenge way back in February (was it then?) ... this could have got my vote, easily.
hoosier40000 said:
i like it alot. :thumbup: :thumbup: what part of maryland is that in?

It is just east of Annapolis, Maryland and connects "mainland" Maryland with the Eastern Shore of Maryland. It is part of US Rt. 50 which is the main route to Ocean City, Maryland. I have traversed this bridge many, many times.

This is a nice photo, how is the color version??
very cool pov! nicely composed :)
Nice shot.....are you old enough to remember taking a ferry across the bay to go to Ocean City????
I like it. What a cool lookin bridge. !
Not only did I know that was the name, but it's also four miles long. It looks like to bridges because there is an east bound span and a west bound span. The east bound span was built first, then the west bound span was added years later. Every year they close it down one day on a weekend and folks can walk it, or ride a bike, or whatever. That weekend was this past weekend. I was leaving for the airport(flying out for work) and the traffic was HORRIBLE!!!!!!!

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