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Jan 15, 2008
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Very new to this photo lark... what do you think
Taken With: NIKON D100



Hiya ex-chef (the rest is too long to type ;)), welcome to ThePhotoForum.

The first looks like it might be a picture of the moon. Is this only because you underexposed so very, very much? Well, they are all pretty dark, apart from the ... bright object in the sky (day or night object, I am not sure). Brings out nice silhouettes ... you must have chosen a very small aperture for the last ... which makes the dust specs on the sensor unpleasantly visible, too :oops: ...
Another..from a compact
Canon Canon DIGITAL IXUS v

Well, that is cute! And proves once more that there is nothing to be said against the compacts when used well. You might not be able to create an advertising poster out of this since it cannot be enlarged infinitely, but the little cameras do good jobs for smaller scale photos if handled well. Which you did! Did you set it to black&white or did you convert a colour photo into b&w later in post processing?
I was mucking around with exposures just to see what would come out.
Quite happy with the effects.

Heres a more normal jobbie

I had the camera set to b&w as I did with this shot which is a personal favourite

The second shot is best for me, it would probably look great with HDR.
heres another then daylight...moonlight...


playing around with light and a pool table at the mo will post up what I get:confused:

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