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Apr 21, 2011
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Just for fun but C&C always welcome. Thanks for looking!

[/URL] Bryson Family Edit 1 by jwbryson1, on Flickr[/IMG]
Next time put the remote on timer also so you don't get stuck with it in your hand :)
Yeah, small detail. But agreed.
Also the adjustment you did is a little much.

Meaning what? Too much contrast? I'm looking for details so I can better edit these images, so "a little much" is not that helpful. I do appreciate the comments, just asking you to flush out the details. Thanks.
The flash was really bright on the sand and legs. I used a gradient to darken the sand to match the sand further back. Then brought the highlights and whites down a bit. I am no expert and would like to hear opinions on my edit as well.$beach-2.jpg
The skin of your face, it looks like you really recovered the shadow because you were underexposed, OR bad skin work. Everyone else looks fine though. OR too much noise? What ISO?
Too heavily filled for my taste, which I think is the same thing Robin just said?

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