Beach in County Donegal, Ireland


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May 11, 2008
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Dublin, Ireland
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Taken on a photo club trip to Donegal. The skies were amazing all weekend.

Wow! There seems to be some detail lost in the rocks but I like the dark feel of this picture. Great job.
The sky sure is interesting. It looks like there were clouds at three, much different altitudes.

I like how the V of the rocks in the foreground mirrors the V in the middle cloud layer, and the overall contrast of the image. :thumbup:
excellent composition.
there's something not quite right in the processing but i'm no sure what, but then it's probably just me..
grand picture a chara.
The composition is great. Something a little off with some of the clouds near the center of the frame. Their dark undersides don't quite look natural. I suppose one might say that it gives it an impressionistic feel but it catches my eye a little wrong.

I'm just a novice though, I'd be feeling good if my compositions were anywhere near yours.
GREAT composition here IMO. I'd love to see the color version of this picture if possible.

and yes...i realize this is in the B/W gallery....I'm just saying that I'd still like to see the color shot. :)
Wow, way to capture the amazing sky! I love how it mimics the water being reflected back from the rocks!
Looks a little muddy to me. Not many true whites. And the rocks seem too dark.

I don't really have too much to say other then that.
Its really very nice photography.Its really good job.The black & white effect is really very good.This photo is really look different.It look like the sky is become see.

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