Beached Bike

Jeff Canes

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May 19, 2003
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Hollywood, FLA USA
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the shadows look slightly harsh causing some dark spots.. just looks like maybe a tad bit too much contrast & "beached" in the title makes me think sand, ocean, sky, so its some what of a shocker when you open this. I think its unique but dont think the colors work quite right...

happy shots!
a bobber inspired pushbike, way cool and I would love one....I like the contrast of the pic but some important details on the bike are lost in the grass and the wood. However that doesn't prevent me from enjoying the bike.
Thanks for Looking

I called it Beached and not Beach because the bike reminded of “Beached” as in a boat landed or abandoned on the shore. The bike was lock up at the head of tail to beach just down street from my sister house. Took this late Sunday (12/23) on Fort Piece Beach.

IMO The lost of detail is comment with High Contrast, the style may not be for everybody

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