Bear Mountain Brook / Waterfalls

I like this scene. It looks alot like the creek that ran behind my grandparents home in New Jersey. I can picture the bear walking across the hillside.
Thanks! I've actually seen a bear a couple of minutes from where this picture was taken. Thing of beauty for sure!
Love the shot..... except the two trees on the sides. Seems distracting to me.
The shot is framed by the two trees on either side, that's the composition I was going for. Thanks for commenting :)
Overall, it's a very nice composition. With that being said, here's a few suggestions that I feel would improve it. The stream bed line runs right through the center of the photograph. The woods certainly aren't a main point of interest, the stream and foreground rocks are. I would have moved that bed line up to the top 1/3 of the of picture by lower my angle of view, and or getting lower to the ground.

I took another look at the framing with the trees as they were bothering me. Finally it dawned on me that the trees, especially the one on the right, blocks out the flow of the stream. You would be better off not framing in this type of situation as you want that water flow to continue off frame. Same can be said for the flow of water onto the frame.
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Pretty shot.
For me the tree framing doesn't work.
Did you get any shots from low down, looking upstream from the small waterfall on the lower frame right?

Not sure why this scene needed HDR...but you kept it subdued which is good.

Looks like a great place for a photo walk about.

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