Beautiful but deadly


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Feb 16, 2006
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I recently discovered that hellebores, some of which are currently in full bloom in my garden, are poisonous. Apparently they used to be a kill or cure remedy for worms, were used to poison water supplies in sieges, and can cause cardiac arrest! So, when I came to photograph them I chose a black background and cold natural light to show off the subdued colour of these deadly blooms.


For more info go to:

Beautiful flower, but :cry: oh, the tip of that petal :cry: (I cannot help myself, that is usually the first I see in a flower photo).

That said, I wonder: did you bring a black cardboard out with you? Or how did you get the black background?
And how come there are no raindrops on the flower?
From what I hear you are about to build your own arks again over in the UK??? (But then decided to send quite some of the bad weather east, so now WE may think about building our own arks! :irked: ;))
You won't be pleased to hear that I deliberately cropped the tip of that petal. I'm just as obsessive as you Corinna, but in a different way :wink:. I didn't want the background to extend all the way down the right edge of the image. By the way, you were very quick off the mark with this response!

Regards, Tony
Interesting story, and a killer pic (heh heh!)

I really like the black background and the 'cold' feel of this pic...ties in nicely with the background info. Great detail in the petals too, right down to the veins
Amazing shot, I really like how you captured this flower!
Thanks for the positives on this one Antarctican, noescape & Robbie. Shot with the Oly 35macro, looking for detail and tight framing.

Regards, Tony
Tony, Beautiful Hellebore image. At first I thought it was the same as one of mine, so I went back and checked the pics. Not only is the plant different, your photograph is so much better than what I previously thought was a decent picture.......I embarrassed myself.

I don't have an explanation for it, other than I think it looks better, but I too, sometimes purposely crop into a flower.

Your lighting is exceptional and so complimentary. Great shot.


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