Bed and the Camera

Cool concept. The fact that her right hand is appearing from nowhere bothers me, and you clipped her left elbow. White balance seems a little funky, but maybe you did that on purpose?
I don't mind the tight crop aside from maybe her elbow on the right. The WB and skin tone does look off to me, but maybe it's suppose to?
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I like the idea of it. I agree that the WB is very off and the shadow around her eyes giving her that raccoon look is bothering me. Good to see a fellow NYer here ;)
Clipping the left elbow is no big deal, could've clipped more or the whole arm.

But on her right hand it appears its someone else's hand...huge prob and moving the whole pic away from the left arm and into the right with the cam may have changed things for the better =)
I have to agree with the white balance. Normally I'm down for some irregular white balance but when the skin tone starts to look like a rash or sunburn, you've gone too far.

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