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Jul 29, 2003
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Las Vegas

I recently worked on a photography project and I met somebody that is interested in publishing some of my work (around 30 pictures) that would be part of a 500 pictures book.
I have never selled my pictures and I have no idea how much to ask for.
Could anyone give me some advise?
Should I sign a contract before I give anything?
How is it working about royalties if my work is pubished?
I thank you for your help
i dont have any advice, but thats great!!!! :D
is the book released for a small crowd or for commercial

I'd ask a flat fee for the photos, plus a certain amount
per sold/printed copy if it's released for commercial purposes.

if it's only for a small group with a certain amount of copies
I'd ask one flat fee based on the amount of copies

and make sure that the book mentions that the photos are copyrighted
by you and that have exclusive license to publish them

(this is based on my knowledge for copyrights with cds though, but
I'm pretty sure it works the same way with photos.)

Isn't their some copyright information center in the country you live?

I know we have one in Holland.
Sebalab said:
the book will be release for commercial purpose

Then I'd ask a starting fee for having them use your photos

and also a fee per photo per published book (not per sold book)

so, if they produce 100.000 copies, but only sell 20.000
they still have to pay you for 100.000 copies

I'll try and find some stuff out, here in Holland

will let you know ASAP
photographs used in mass production are priced per 'impression' or 'pressing'. each time a photo is used in paper print it is a 'pressing'. you need to find out the circulation number of books; ie - how many will be pressed. this type of pricing is usually done on a sliding scale. a company will usually respond with, 'between x and y'. let's assume between 300 and 600. you will need to supply them with pricing per press for 300 and intervals up to 600. perhaps in increments of 50 or even 100. the alternative to this is one flat fee, but that is relatively unattractive to you, the owner.

unless you somehow are an editor or have written something substantial for this publication, you won't get a percentage of sales. you risk embarrassment if you even ask them.

outside of the financial transaction, you must make sure that you discuss copyright. a general rule of thumb is never hand over copyrights to a photo. sign for a certain number of pressings over a period of time, but that is all. i assume that you will be credited in the book with taking the photos?

congrats on a job well done.
pick up the "photographer's market". It explains how to set pricing and negotiate congracts/rights.

BTW, low balling b/c of lack of confidence doesn't help anyone. So make sure you don't go too low.

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