Been shooting for a while, some C&C please!


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Feb 24, 2009
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Bought my first DSLR before I went out to Asia in December... here are a couple pics from the trip, and also from my nifty fifty... tell me whatcha think

My friend Blayne


Temple lights in Tokyo


Dude chillin on Great Wall


Temple in Seoul


Food stand in Myeungdong district in Seoul


My gf's cat, Cheerios


My friend Beeta


Thanks! :lol:
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The ones from your travel to .... look totally like travel channel type photos. The angle at which these where taken are similar to those that the travel channel take. And I like it. These do not come off as "touristy" photos but as locals type views. Cool
The picture of Cheerios really caught my eye...very nice.

That last shot...uh...friends don't shoot friends with a forward firing flash. I'm surprised she isn't more washed out.

I like shots #3 and #5 of the travel shots.
I like the cat and the guy on the wall.

I like the cat one becuse it does a good job of breaking the rule of thirds.
Most of them are nice, I like them all. Portrait of Blayne is great. But I guess you shot Beeta from a very close distance by a wider angle than 50mm. Generally for portraiture, about more that 70mm is adviced (I prefer 100mm) to avoid distortion.
Really nice photos! Here are my comments:

#1 - Nice facial expression lol, focus seems a bit soft, but I like the mood/colors of the photo.

#2 - Really cool interior shot, I like how the background is in shadow with the emphasis on the lanterns, however it's crooked which is a bit distracting. Also, I don't really care for the yellowish tone, but love the idea behind the shot.

#3 - I like this shot. The exposure is spot on, but I just dont like the composition. I would've pushed him farther to the right in the photo and included more of the great landscape into the shot to help throw it more into perspective.

#4 - Love this shot, wouldnt change a thing!

#5 - This shot is great too, I love the colors and the angle chosen. I might've stopped down the aperture to get more in focus, but that's just me.

#6 - Nice exposure, but doesn't do much for me. Cute cat though!

#7 - Tell your friend to back-up! lol I probably would've moved her back more so all of her head is in the shot, and pushed her to the right instead of dead center so the lights in the background would form a nice bokeh and really make the subject pop.

All of these pictures are great, which ones were shot with the nifty fifty?
Thanks so much for the kind words guys :D

They are very encouraging!

To bdavis, Blayne, Cheerios, and Beeta were shot with my nifty. I love it! The rest were shot with the kit lens that came with my Canon Xs/1000D. I actually haven't put my kit lens back on since I got the 50! Haha

It seems as though the last picture has been the least favorite, but for some reason, I really like it. Probably because she's my friend and all... a lil bias I suppose. I wasn't really going for a full facial portrait shot, but I do admit that the flash was way too much.

But once again, thanks a lot!

Any more opinions would be highly appreciated :mrgreen:
the last one of Beeta is cropped to tightly, have more of her face.

I really like the man on the Great wall, the food and the kitty. Just something about them I like.

Try straightening the crooked ones, other than that, nice job!

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