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Apr 7, 2009
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vizag, India
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HI i'm a super noob.. i figured out how to tweak around my camera but still need lot of improvement. I use a Nikon D40 with 18-55 mm AF-S lens. Feel free to comment ..especially if it's bad.
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You've got a pretty decent self portrait! I hope that the grain effect was added and not a result of shooting with a high ISO. The others just look like practice shots (which there's nothing wrong with), but I would just recommend thinking about what you're telling/showing a person in your photo. Subject is key, show me something that is more interesting than what is in my front yard, or show that to me in a way I've never seen it. Keep it up!
lol it's like you saw through my are right it was high ISO but i'm really a newbie i didn't know any better, neverthless thanx for your advice.
The last two are pretty good as far as exposure and composition. The photog taking a picture of self taking a picture is a bit overdone, but still a pretty good shot.

The first ones seem a little blah to me. I think it is a composition thing as the subject doesn't really stand out.

But a good start! Go take some more.
Hi anirudha - welcome to the site. The only way to learn is to read and learn side by side with taking lots of photos.

There's loads of info out there on the web that can help plus lots of reasonably priced books - forums are a great place too for advice and support too.

Best of luck with it.. - looking forward to seeing more from you -


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