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Apr 5, 2010
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Since a few weeks I've been kitesurfing and I'm planning to start taking photo's of my friends when they are riding. I have a canon 40D, but no long lens.. I want to buy a long telezoom lens, but am not sure which one to get. On one side I don't want to spend a lot of money on it, because the lens will be on the beach most of the time, so if it breaks, I don't lose a lot of money, on the other side, I'm thinking, a cheap lens will have inferior build quality, and will break much sooner. So maybe it will be better to invest a bit more and have a decent quality lens.
I'm really hoping you guys can give me some new insight!

Lenses I'm considering:

Cheap options:
Sigma 70-300 (maybe APO), Tamron 70-300, Canon 75-300 ( maybe USM version)

More expensive options:
Canon 70-200 L f4.0 second hand with 1.4 extender
any other options?


Reach, reach, reach.

300 mm is barely enough to shoot soccer from the sidelines, without some major cropping.

Cropping is the same as discarding pixels. If you start with 10 MP and do a 100% crop, you only have 5 MP left.

Since you shooting in daylight with the sky as background, I'd recommend you look at the Sigma APO 150-500 mm f/5-9.3 OS HSM, about $1000 USD.

Sigma 150-500mm f/5-6.3 DG OS HSM APO Autofocus Lens 737101 -
Thanks for the quick reply! However, a 1000 $ lens is way out of my price range. As for the range, I think a maximum length of 300 mm will be enough, I'll be about 20 meters away from the action.. I was just wondering if a more expensive lens justifies the cost when it is used primairly in pretty rough conditions ( the beach). How long would one of the cheaper 70-300 lenses ( around $ 150) last me? And how long for the 70-200 f4 L ( secondhand I've seen them around $ 400)?


theres no way to judge how long a lens will last you, conditions are never the say, too much to factor in.

the 70-200mm is a fantastic lens, might be ok on a crop sensor, but way too short on a fx in my opinion. i wouldnt consider a telecoverter on a zoom lens either.

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