Best lighting workshop ever!!!

Alleh Lindquist

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Oct 2, 2008
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Portland OR
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David Hobby is offering some new 5 day workshops. If you don't know who he is already you should be ashamed to call yourself a photographer.

Check out the info on his blog here Strobist: Five-Day Workshop: Paso Robles, CA, 4/27 - 5/1

I honestly can say that he started me on my path to making it as a professional in terms of my lighting.
If you cannot get to a seminar, you can pick up the Strobist DVD, which is a seminar PLUS a couple of on site shoots.

That said, if you cannot get to a seminar AND do not want to spend the money on the DVDs, the info is *all* in his Lighting 101 and 102 sections of his blog and website. Additional supporting info is on his flickr forum.

BTW, I will have to mention that though I greatly respect the man, the concepts that David Hobby is showing are nothing new to the world of photography. Everything that he teaches has been "there" for decades.

I'd love to attend...if only I lived closer.

Also, if he ever came anywhere to Canada, it would not be Quebec due to the language issues (sadly enough). I could happily translate for him, if he did, though... lol.

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