Best "ulra-zoom" lense for Canon 40D????


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Jan 1, 2008
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Hi Camera guru's,
I have now decided on my first DSLR I am buying a 40D, as something I can "grow into" coming from a Lumix FZ20.
My First use is likely to be away in a very sandy, hot enviroment & I have decided to start with an ultra-zoom lenses only so i don't need to carry lots of lenses & i don't have to take the lense off in a hostile enviroment.
My logic is if i really get into the DSLR thing I can add other lenses later, but will always still find use for the ultra-zoom when travelling, so it will be a decent investment.
So two questions.
1/ Will the lenese below in combination with the 40D give me a good sized step up in image quality over my FZ20.
2/ Which of these lenses should I opt for, as I need a decent zoom for wildlife which is the main subject of my photos, whilst also wanting to take landscape photos!...
Tanrom 18-250mm (3.5-6.3)VC (stabilisation)
Tamron 28-300mm (3.5-6.3)VC (stabilisation)
Sigma 18-200mm (3.5-6.3) OS stabilised
or any other ideas?
Thanks for your help.
While lenses like this a great all around holiday lenses and are good for landscapes to a degree, you could write them off for wildlife

Even with image stabilisation it will be difficult to shoot wildlife at f/6.3 unless the subject is in the sun. Plus all of these lenses are less then stellar on their far end.

It's a good travelling lens so if you're into that first and fore most I'd research the sigma as from what I know of the Tamron it's the worst of the pick.

1) None of these lenses unless using them under very ideal conditions will go well with the 40D. Even a 350D would benefit from better lenses than these for image quality. That's the way of the superzoom.
Thanks for the reply appreciated.....................
This choosing lenses stuff ain't easy!
After posting in a few places I'm left with two thoughts

1/ Go for Canon gear for best compatability with the 40D & choose two lenses to get the range & best optical results:
EFS- 17-85mm USM IS + EFS -70-300mm IS USM
(bundle available at similiar price to Tamron 18-250m +40D)
....or the new EFS-55-250 Is instead of the 70-300, as its far more compact!!!

2/ Or go Tamrons latest offering with VC!
Tamron lenses.. well, I had a 28-300 and it worked fairly well, for about a year. Then the coating started flaking off the lenses - the INTERIOR lenses.

The 70-300 IS lens you mentioned is one, fine lens. Hard to go wrong with that one and I think it's on sale right now at circuit city for about $100 off... Wish I could, but I just bought a car :(

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