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Jan 22, 2009
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Wild turkeys prefer to walk everywhere, but will fly when startled. They lumber into the air clumsily and crash into the birch and maple branches as they head to the upper parts of tall pines.

They are heavy animals and when they land, they use their wings to slow the usually hard descent. When conditions are right, the landing print looks like this:


C&C welcomed. And please feel free to edit at will. I have no post-processing software yet.

Interesting story behind this one.

Compositionally, I think a shallower angle could make it more interesting (with the proper lighting at least), highlighting the changes in depth and shape of the print.

Cool stuff though.
I'm not sure what a transparency scan is, but I doubt it. This is a heavily cropped jpeg (this is about 25% of the original pic) straight from my Canon Rebel that was then resized to this modest size.

I have to resize my photos mostly so I can upload them on my 26.4kbps connection (that's right, SLOWER than the old 28.8 modems, less than half the speed of a 56k modem). Why don't I get broadband? Though I've been on the internet since 1984, no broadband exists where I live (no, not even satellite).


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