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Mar 29, 2016
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The contractor started cleaning and repairing the siding today in preparation for stain/sealer. The Cyprus we used doesn't actually need the sealer to preserve it. I've got an old barn built in the 40's that has never had a coat of paint on it, still rot free. The sealer keeps it from absorbing moisture, swelling and splitting. Should have been done a couple years ago, now some of the boards are needing replacement. On another note, I really, really, really want to drive the lift. DW said I could rent it for another day if I clean the windows.........Any suggestions on window cleaner. :allteeth::allteeth::allteeth:

House 202020201102_3636.jpg
In my early days as an electrical engineer we often used these to access high warehouse and storage shed lighting. Great fun but a very strange feeling when the arm is extended away from the base.

Very well captured colours in this one, quite perfectly exposed.
@Space Face this was is a 45' boom, it didn't go unnoticed that when extended, there was a "lot" of bounce in that bucket. It wouldn't be so bad on level pavement but on the sloping yard I think I'll stay on the ground. However when they get around to the pavement side I may have to go up for an arial shot of the house.
Nice shot and a nice looking place. I've never tried this but since you asked it came to mind. I'm thinking that since "rain-x" brand, window washer fluid works on vehicle windows so well AND it repels the rain for a clear view when it's raining, why not try it on house windows? You could see everything going on outside in a rain storm much better or so I would think.
@K9Kirk Thanks we're at the highest point on the property and a 1/2 mile off the road. We have a few neighbors, but the elevation and tree cover below, give us some unobstructed view. Hadn't thought about rain-x. I've used it on windshields before and it works well. Might have to look into that.

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