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Feb 10, 2006
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Sorry my dear but you just lost

What the!!!!!

What is this!? lmao
Ooh,. Poor guy.. Wait.. is this a new game?! Thinking of me makes you lose.. hahahaha that's funny!
hmm I don't know

all I know is "The Game"
To win the game you have to not think about the game
If you think about the game you have lost the game

all are playing the game

I just lost again :(..................

But we could replace game with Big Bully!
Ha ha.. I see.. Well I'm game.. which means I lost.. which is very confusing.. Ha ha ha
it is!
you know - I blame LP for this!!!

*just lost again*
I blame him too..! Because now I lost..
Damn you LP!! Damn you!
hmm he is clearly hiding from us!
see he even surfs on sneaky mode these days - clearly he is trying to ignor this thread and win the game!
I think he is too.. He started this mess, and now look what he has done!
yah I have lost four - no wait five! times since finding this thread!
Yeah you lost by default. lol

Overread I'm so sorry that I am making you lose so often..

Does that mean that I am a loser?
hmm I don't know - what is a person that makes other lose called?

not a loser that is the one losing -- so if your not a loser

would that make you the winner?
I don't know, because each time I respond, I lose.

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