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Aug 3, 2004
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I really like the 1st 1, just wish you didnt shoot it in portrait mode. wanna see a little more land ya know. but it has great colors.
I like your images! Nice colors. I will give you my 2 cent crit. (just my thoughts)

I wish the first shot showed a little more ocean--I feel like the composition is slightly unbalanced from the implied lines created by the shore.

The second shot I wished it was panned just a skosh to the left. For some reason interrupting the land shape towards the bottom with the ocean is a bit unsettling. I wish the land was a solid uninterrupted chunk on the left and the ocean on the right.

Third shot is kind of dull composition wise. And the vantage point really feels like a candid observer. I think something extraordinary needs to be going on in the frame for that perspective to work. Otherwise I think framing of landscape needs to generally feel omnipotent like the first two images are imo.

Again, nice shots, I'm just giving you my unadulterated, nitpicky feedback. : )
I really like the first one and the last one, very beautiful colors.
I don't remember how to check what settings pictures were taken on in EXIF, however there was a small period of time after my wife had used my camera that she changed the camera from P mode to Portrait without me noticing for a few shots.. anyway if thats what you guys are talking about theres the explanation, i only shoot on P really.

aside from that, thanks for all the rest of the comments. the location is in Big Sur, CA its a beautiful spot and its where me and my wife spent out honeymoon (that and monterey, ca)
oh and on the last one (mcway falls) youre only allowed to go down this one trail with incredibly limited angles so thats the best i could come up with. ;]
#1 and #2 both work in vertical orientation, however - having less sky in the shot would have been nice on both. Try not to center the horizon in the frame unless there's a good reason to (like a symmetry shot or something).

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