Birds and a Sunset; C&C


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Jun 28, 2013
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Evening all,

This bird silhouette is from 6.27.13 after a severe downpour. You can see the water droplets on the underside power line.

The (dusk, moreso than sunset) shot is from 6.29.13 at a business park with a pond. Nearly got eaten alive by the bugs there! :grumpy:

C&C away!
Well, I like #1. To me, #2 could be better, and someone correct me if I'm wrong, but a graduated ND filter could have helped you get more out of the foreground while shooting the sunset. Maybe you could have bracketed and done an hdr as well. I'm sure the pros on here will have better C&C for you.
HDR is certainly one way to go. It looks like one element in the foreground is a building? If the details in the building don't do anything for the shot a silhouette could be better.

If it DOES work well in the shot, then this scene could be nice as an HDR. Especially with the sky reflecting in the water.

I'll second wyogirl though... there are some very good photographers on here who can give you more extensive info and ideas.

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