Birth photography of a miracle baby.


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Oct 3, 2010
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Yanie's story is simply amazing. Her pregnancy has brought on so many challenges and seeing Yanie's strength through it all was just so emotionally moving. Austin saved her life because without him she wouldn't have known about her cancer. Because of Yanie's complications with her pregnancy, she was ordered to be on bed rest for two whole months. On the morning of Valentines Day, I received a text from Yanie saying Austin would be arriving pretty soon. I didn't arrive to the hospital until later that day, after she got her epidural injection. When I got there, I could see and feel the emotions Yanie's loved ones were feeling.

When Austin was finally ready, there was an aura of excitement and relief that the time has come. As I witnessed Austin's arrival, I was so in awe of the whole experience that I couldn't help but get emotional myself. Knowing everything that Yanie has gone through during her pregnancy and then hearing Austin's first cry was just such an extraordinary and beautiful experience to be a part of. Thank you Yanie for allowing me to be part of this unforgettable and joyous moment in your life. You truly are a strong and inspiring woman who will make the best mother for Austin.

Here are a few of many I was able to share with you fellow photogs.

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Nice story.
Good set of images that capture the emotion of the moment.
mandrew, these are incredible. Very nicely done.
Thanks you guys. I wish I could share more but they're not tasteful haha.

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