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Aug 9, 2018
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While technically one is a type of the other. I have created a conundrum for myself.

While converting a sunflower shot to b&w with Picasa, I decide to hit the sepia button and found my self in a unique dilemma. I simply cannot decide which I like best. I have wrestled with this for a week.

Usually such a decision is a go or no-go for me but not for these two photos, I like them equally. So I tried another photo of a gnarled old Montana Tree, with pretty much the same results. I just like them all.

So now, I am curious what others think.

sunflower brightness 2k.jpg

sunflower warmfly bright 2k.jpg

Mont Tree 4 pa.jpg

Mont Tree Lt sp.jpg
The sepia is too strong for me however I find all B&W images lacking. Color has always been a very important consideration for B&W print making. There are subtle differences in the colors of different paper emulsions and different processing chemicals have color effects. When I worked in a B&W darkroom I paid very careful attention to the color of my prints. Any images that I now process to B&W digitally I always add a touch of color to suit the image.

Here's a link to a B&W image I processed recently: Can you see the warm color as opposed to neutral B&W?

I think we often analyse things too deeply. Sometimes you just like something because, well you do.
I prefer the two sepia-toned images in this instance.
Personally I prefer the sepia version of the first one but the B&W of the second (which looks more contrasty to me).
IMO it's often something that varies with subject matter, I'm sure such preferences vary widely by viewer as well :)
If I had to choose, I'd take the non-sepia in the first...sepia in the second. I don't find the sepia with snow very appealing.

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