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Jun 3, 2013
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Sorry, no example but i have been trying to take an existing light picture of my jet black dogs and every picture comes out perfectly exposed with what appears to be a dog shaped cutout in the center. I am going to try again with fill flash and maybe underexpose a couple of stops (exposure correction?), but thought I would check here first for suggestions.

I have ordered a better flash and am patiently waiting for it to arrive.
What metering mode are you using?
I was in Aperature mode, is there a better choice for this on the DS5200?
Aperture mode is fine. But what I asked is what metering mode? Matrix, Single, or center weighted. With a black dog, I would say go with spot metering and make sure you are metering for the dogs fur. If you have it in one of the other modes, you might want to try bumping up the exposure compensation some. Also, if possible, shoot Raw. That will allow you to bring out the shadows of the fur for giving more details.
Ah, this is where my noobness comes in.. ok, back to the manual, looking up metering mode..
Some great tutorials here. Read up on how the meter works as well as 'exposure compensation'. Photographing black or white objects is not so simple as one might think.

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