Bleeding Hearts in a Row


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May 16, 2006
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SF Bay Area
Bleeding heart, dicentra formosa, is an lovely shaped wildflower that occurs in damp mid to lower elevation woods of the Pacific Coast from British Columbia to central California. I took the following image about a week and a half ago in lower Yosemite Valley at 4000 feet. The pink to reddish heart-shaped flowers are about 3/4 inch long. After finding a dim seep area where many of these were growing, I hunted about for an interesting specimen and found this group. The interesting part was the way three of the flowers were lined up back to back in a row. More blooms to the left got in the way, so I did the best I could not to disrupt their natural position by aiming from this side angle that ended up coming out nicely.

That is an interesting angle. I like that. And you take us up very, very close. Wow. My macro lens pushed through the fence to "steal" our neighbour's Bleeding Hearts for my photos did not get this close and I could not achieve such and angle, only these .
Such a great angle I Agree.. Nicely done

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