Blending Exposure Mishap With HDR Pan


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Feb 7, 2012
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Hello All!

If anyone can help then I would be forever grateful :)

I have been using Photoshop for about 10 years and very often utilize the features such as "clone", "pattern stamp", "color range" selections, adjustment "levels" and "curves"...etc.

I was shooting an hdr pan and got side tracked chatting with the client. Seems a little too much time lapsed and I ended up with a nice blur going through the curtain. I cannot use any of the other exposure sets because they all have the blur. I was first shooting the top half and then later shot the bottom half......hence the blur.

Is there anyway to simply blend the two colors so that there is not such an abrupt color change? The image is below.


I of course am looking to keep the integrity of the curtains. I am just looking for a way to blend and adjust the color together so that the end result looks natural. I would usually just spend a couple of hours on this and could easily do it the "very time consuming way" using the clone tool. I was just curious to see if there is a short-cut that still yields professional quality results that can be applied quickly so that if ever in the future I run across something like this I can quickly fix it.

If you have any suggestions that don't have to do with any of the tools that I am already very familiar with, such as the tools stated above I would really like to see them :) along with a step by step as to how you achieved your fix.

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Clone from one of the individual frames.

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