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Jun 5, 2024
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Hi everyone,

First post! I’m a total beginner, I just bought a cheap fisheye lens for my Sony 6400 and when I look at the scene through the viewfinder or screen, the light is blue. Can I fix this?

It doesn’t appear after the photo is taken

Yes, I’m in bed, sorry! 😅


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Looks like your peaking (focus assist) is turned on. Look in your menu for peaking.
I'm not familiar with Sony, but it could be clipping highlights, or focus peaking indicators.
Suggestion: if you bought that camera used, go to the toolbox menu and do a factory reset. Who knows what settings the previous owner may have programmed. It will save you a lot of confusion in the long run.
As others have stated, that is the camera telling you something about those areas it's highlighted. Can't tell you what that is because I'm not familiar with that camera.
Thank you for you answers everyone.

So the new lens I got automatically turned on focus assist (peaking) - it’s a feature that helps show what is in focus by highlighting it with a colour, you can pick red, blue, yellow and white on my camera.

If you want to turn it off, it’s menu 1, page 13, bottom of the page ‘peaking settings’
That’s on a Sony A6400

What interesting is that in the example photo, the shot is in focus from near to far. That's because fisheye lenses have a tremendous DOF. When I shot M-4/3 I used to play with a manual 7.5mm Rokinon. I'd set the thing to infinity focus at f/3.5 and everything was in focus from a couple meters in front of me to infinity, just walk and snap, no focusing. Not a big fan of fisheye, so I don't have one for my current kit, but it's kind of a fun carefree walk!

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