blue pixels in PS CS2


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Jan 24, 2006
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I already posted in the Photography and camera forum, but I think my problem would better fit in here...

I seem to have a problem with PS CS2... when I'm looking at my raw files in the PS Raw program (don't know the name of it...) I get a lot of blue pixels in the darker parts of the pictures (even in not underexposed shots)
when Im trying to manipulate the pictures they only seem to get worse...

As I own a Canon 350D I also have the zoombrowser program...when Im looking at the raw files in here, they seem ok...

also on my lcd screen they are fine when Im zooming in on them...

could anyone please help me out?
or do you think its my camera (I hope not!)
Blue pixels could be burnt pixels, but I don't know. Could you post an example? With them not showing up in other programs, it is very odd.
That is a strange one....... one thing that comes to mind is if you've changed the pre-sets in your RAW conversion software....... maybe the white balence preset?...... or tint?...... if it looks ok in other viewers then it wont be your camera....... try checkin all your settings and make sure that nothing is causing the image to automatically turn blue...... if not then then posting a pic may help ;)
Matt's got it. There are options to highlight areas that have gone to full white (red pixels) and full black (blue pixels). They are near the top of the screen. I forget the labels. They are just there to show you what might be problems areas. The red and blue won't show when converted.
Actually Mark, I was thinking of a blown pixel on the sensor. You are right :) I don't use photoshop's raw plugin enough to remember what colors those settings are, but yes you are indeed right now that I think of it.

Those colored pixels are merely to show what areas you have overexposed to complete white (255), or underexposed to complete black (0).
Thank you guys!
Indeed that was the problem .. I' m really relieved it had nothing to do with my camera :)

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