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Dec 15, 2007
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I am having Sony Cybershot Dsc- H7 model digital amera.
I have taken many snaps and what i have found is that all snaps particularly indoor snaps have blurr in those snaps. I can post a sample snap. But where to post & how to post can some one please guide me ?
Any link on internet is appreciable.
Thanks in advance.
You're probably experiencing camera shake due to lack of light on your indoor pictures.

You need to use a quicker shutter speed. Try using a wider aperture (lower number), or raising the ISO.

If you google for 'camera shake' you will find some useful information about recommended shutter speeds for certain focal lengths etc.

Wikipedia says "For example, a lens with a focal length of 200 mm can be hand held at shutter times shorter than 1/200 sec. Digital SLRs generally have smaller sensors than 35 mm film, thus before using the 1/focal length rule, the equivalent 35 mm film focal length has to be determined."

Hope that helps
I have a Cybershot H5 and it autimatically compensates for low lighting with a slower shutter speed, but does offer a limited manual mode. You can use a flash (try using a diffuser to decrease the intensity), increase the ISO (which may lead to some grain), or using a tripod.

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