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Discussion in 'General Shop Talk' started by Nicholas James Photo, Jun 16, 2009.

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    My wife is a drugs dealer, actually she works for a pharmacutical company, but drugs dealer sounds cooler. By night she looks after my business accounts.
    Today, knowing that last year was a busy one I said "we must have a fair ammount in the business account, how much is in there"?
    The reply shocked me a little and not in a good way. The conversation continued
    "where has all that gone, we havent made any big purchases this year, some lenses and some updates on the lighting, thats all"
    "I have invested quite heavily in shoes, it's your fault you keep dragging me along to weddings everytime you are short of an assistant"
    "I could have hired Jose Villa for that ammount!"
    "you must learn - investments can go down as well as up - this year has been hard given the world economy"

    Does anyone know how I explain this one to the beloved tax man?:grumpy:

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    She's the accountant...have her explain it.

    I Learn'ted LONG again, don't get into the "shoes" discussion. I did ONCE.

    When she promptly brought out all of my work boots. I stopped talking about shoes.
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    it's painfully obvious what's happening here. Your WIFE is handling the money. Same thing happens to all my money. We now outsource with an establishment in town.

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