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Jan 29, 2009
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Delray Beach, FL
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I really like #1 except for the crop, it just feels uncomfortable.
#1 Boots look nice but my eyes are drawn to the boken circles in top right next to her face.
Nice work... I think if you mirror #1 it might be better...

Just a guess...
#1 is wonderful, I only wish she was engaging the viewer with those eyes, because without it, the viewer tends to look for something else. In this case it could either be the large white areas, or perhaps the hairline that is in the Rule of Thirds line.

Scoot this one over a bit to the right, have her look forward (and I would also have her hand on her face, but that's a personal preference thing) and you have a wonderful image.
1 is cropped right through the bust....try to go above or below....this crop is off just a bit.
The second shot is a very nice effort, lots of good stuff going on in that one.
I like #1 enough, I wish she was looking either at the camera or into the frame though. The lack of connection kills the image for me. The crop and angle is also a bit off.

#2, there's that line seperating her head from her body, and the way her eyes are catching the light makes her look cross eyed. The beams in the forground are also a little much.

# 3 is green with a foot chop, arm chop, orange face, and again with the eyes looking out of the frame. Lots of almosts to me. Keep shooting!
thanks for all the quick feedback guys! lots of great stuff to focus on in my next shoot!!
Is your screen calibrated?

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