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Aug 8, 2010
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New Hampshire
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This is a nice...somber?? picture. I really like it. It's kind of moody, but I do like it. Good pic!
I like the composure though looks like it needs more contrast and less water. There is a lot of space there. Maybe if shot down by the boats. Just a idea may or may not help anyways nice shot overall. I so want to visit Boston
Here's an honest assessment of your shot :

- way too much sky and too much water => shoot closer

- wrong time of day for fog shots. Fog has a way of upping the noise considerably in lighter conditions. You can see a fair amount of noise in the left side of the frame.
The cure => early in the morning for best punch with fog.

- focus is off. The back skyscrapers should be sharp, they are not

Overall for this type of shot : The sky in this image is just boring. An early AM sunrise shot / a sunset shot are always good for images like these. Facing the right way, a sunny afternoon is great for cityscapes too.

Again, your subject is a narrow band within this entire frame. It makes your subjects look smaller and you lose detail in them. Invest in a medium range zoom and get closer.
Very ethereal feel to it. I like it.

Maybe crop off the very top and bottom and make it a panorama?
My take on it is to do a re shoot and find a better view of the skyline. Don't bother trying to fix this photo as it is really uninteresting. Think about what kinda view you want. If you want that bridge to be in the foreground of the skyline then your gonna have to use a longer lens to shoot past the water and boats on the right. Or change location and shoot from the waters edge from them buildings on the right if that's possible. Use Google maps to scout possible locations for the best spot for your lens range. Hope this helps and gives you some ideas.
The skyline is very small and far-away looking. A longer focal length and a two-shot stitch or a three-shot stitch using said longer focal length lens would eliminate that wide-angle and far-away look. This shot lacks a foreground object of interest. The water just isn't cutting it. The shot appears soft as well.
yea i agree it is hard to reshoot a sky line especially because this one was taken in a parking lot right off the harbor and the only way to get into the parking lot is to pay for the museum of science in Boston. but i will work on better photography spots.

thanks everyone :)
for the criticism i hope it helps
oh yea thanks, next time i go down to Boston i will take a few photos from down there.
thanks :D

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