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Aug 31, 2011
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Shooting some bottles today for a friend.
1 speed light behind the matte black seamless drape. Multiple white sheets angled appropriately.
More to come.
HANAIALII by keips66, on Flickr
DENNEN by keips66, on Flickr

The bright reflections on both sides of the bottles bothers me a bit. It seems unnatural - a stupid expression given the artificial lighting, but I can't think of a better phrase at the moment. This and the dark line down the middle of the bottle act like the equivalent of the horizon line in the middle of a landscape shot. Both are rather low contrast as well. This may contribute some to the 2nd shot seeming a touch soft.

These aren't bad, but I think things could be improved some.
Hmm. The reflections on the sides were in fact the objective. To have clean lines, outlining the shape of the bottle, devoid of any unattractive bits that may be floating around the room, and show up on the bottle. The dark line was also intentional, to show a contrast and further outline the bottle shape. Keep in mind I am only using one flash, and bouncing multiple surfaces. Perhaps it still needs refinement, to fine tune the shape? Would different shape or sizes pieces of fomecore help with this? During this process, I realized I could use a piece that goes all the way the ceiling, and almost everything shows up on the glass.


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