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Feb 11, 2006
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Bristol, UK
I'm looking for a battery grip for my 350D and there are some unbranded ones going on :xebay:x with 2 batteries for a lot less than the canon one with no batteries. Now I'm sure the batteries aren't up to much and I have 2 already but they would be handy to have floating around in my bag, the only problem I can see is the grip being of poor quality, they do specify that they are made by the same manufacturer as the canon ones and are exaclty the same except for the badge, should I get a cheaper one with battereis or go for a canon own brand one?
The only non-Canon stuff you should ever buy for your 350D is Sigma lenses.

Ebay + No-name camera products = Minefield.
With Nikons, the no-name batteries suck. After getting 2 different generic ones I am only buying branded batteries from now on. Your mileage may vary.
To be onest I'm not really too fussed about the batteries, they'd only be ther e for real emergencies and I wouldn't rely on them at all, it's more the grip that I'd be worried about, if it didn't work then I would have sold a lens for nothing!
i would tend to agree with the advice already given....honestly the canon grips are flimsy enuff without going to off-brand. I love canon but they're gear just doesn't have a nice feel to me my EOS 3 film cam feels so much more robust and the finish is just so much nicer....but I digress....just get the canon grip. :D

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