Brandt Point Lighthouse


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Jul 16, 2015
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OK- not really, but it is re-created at Lake Hefner in Oklahoma City. Which processing do you prefer?

1. Original version:
MKZ_3137 1000.jpg

2. Topaz lab 'warm cocoa' filter:
MKZ_3137 warm cocoa 1000.jpg

3. Topaz 'soft sepia' filter:
MKZ_3137 soft sepia 1000.jpg
I do prefer the colour of the first but I also like the compositions. long has that been there? I don't remember it in the late 80's, early 90's.
1999, according to the sign next to it. Situated pretty close to Britton Ave.
Version number two for me.
#1 for an original look. For an art look I do like #2
I like each for the different effects but my overall pic is #1. It'a dark, cloud covered day that portrays it's natural colors which I like best.
#2 for me but I generally prefer warmer tones. I passed thorough OKC twice in the last couple of weeks on vacation and passed part of Lake Hefner on I-35. Next time, I'll look this spot up. I've been up that way dozens of times and never knew of it. Thanks for sharing. Some really fine work.
I prefer #2 as the lighthouse is slightly lighter and draws the eye a bit more away from the sailboats that have the lighter sky behind them. I think the lighthouse is the primary subject and needs more emphasis. I wouldn't mind seeing a gradient set to soft light blend mode highlighting the lighthouse and darkening on either side.

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