Brazil Street Shots


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Feb 26, 2006
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Here are a few street shots from my Brazil trip:



Very nice black and white photo, that first one! Wow. Lovely tones! And he looked really willing to have his photo taken! That is nice.
The second is a good one on the emotional side. The first is, too, mind, only does the first transmit an altogether DIFFERENT emotion, and the second reaches your heart in different manner. The colour opposites work so well here (blue and yellow).
Ihaveaquestion said:
Ali G!

Laughin...That aint Ali G.

Sweet shots man. One of my girlfriends is in Argentina now and may be venturing to Peru and/or Brazil. I almost went too, but it was a journey of self discovery of sorts for her... so...

How did you like the trip? How long were you there for? Was it more of a tourist trap trip or did you go off the beaten path?

- Damian
Thanks for the comments everyone :)

In the first shot I was actually taking pictures of some other people on the street and this guy shouted for me to take his and posed like that :) And to answer Damian's questions, I was there for about 7 days on a mission trip, so we stayed at an orphanage in a small city, so most of the pics came from inside the orphanage or the surrounding streets....

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