Break in the clouds


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Jan 9, 2012
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Dallas / Ft. Worth TX
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So, I reviewed the gallery categories carefully, and this seems like the best fit...

When we were visiting Nashville recently, I happened to be immediately adjacent to the airport there, right next to the main runway. Here in Dallas, our airport is a city to itself and getting anywhere near where the planes takeoff and land is quite impossible if you want to stay unarrested.

Anyways, it took some walking to get to a good spot right off the very edge of the runway, pretty much with my back to the fence.

I've been obsessed with aviation and airplanes since I was a kid, so this was quite the treat. It was a partly cloudy day, about 5pm. Hope you enjoy!



3. For this one, it was sheer luck that the clouds cooperated like they did. I love the drama of this one, escaping through the clouds just as the storms roll in...

C&C welcome. Thanks for looking.
These are really nice, I like the contrast of the plane against the sky, I like the first one the most.

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