Bribie Island QLD


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Aug 5, 2010
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Lancashire UK
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Banksia Beach
Your right i should have zoomed out a bit so i got all the trees on

Thanks for comments Vaughan
Nice shot, Bribie is a great spot but I haven't been there for years... need to get back there I think with the camera
Your right it is a great place i used to live there

Thanks for comments Vaughan
you don't have to always get everything in there, it depends on what you wanted to be the main subject in the picture. if you were stressing the tress then yeah, maybe go back a small amount then you'll have the one in the left completely. but if you were going after the whole scene then you did just fine. you can never get everything in there so you have to make your artistic judgement and put in what you think will look good

Yes i agree Mike, i am pretty happy with the shot, i have still a long way to go

Thanks for comments Vaughan

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