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Jan 4, 2008
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Ny, Ny
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oooh my first photo post!

go easy on me, kittens:blushing:

i use a nikon d50


^^Triboro Bridge and Downtown Manhattan


^^59th St Bridge, the Simon and Garfunkle song:mrgreen:


^^The Bronx


^^Bronx again

thats all
#1 :thumbsup:
Sweet photos! And you get a sticker for being a Nikon User!
thanks you guys!

youre not as scary as i thought

oh and that sticker i get...better be reals :D
Scratch and sniff... Its the only way to go!

Although im am not responsible for what smell it is... :no smile:
I like 'The Bronx'
thank you for the kind words and welcome.

the first shot-the scene is so awesome, it would've taken effort to fawk it up :D
They all have merit and are quite good. But if you don't mind my two cents worth:

#1 - I think the lights on the bridge and a few in the bg are slightly overexposed. I am wanting to see the tops of the buildings (one in the center and one by the bridge tower). Perhaps a lower PoV.

#2 - I'm diggin' it.

#3 - Would likely be my favorite, but I want to see the full extent of the tree branches. Love the symetry.

#4 - for some reason I can't see this one.

Just a couple of nitpicks, nothing too bad heh? But then again, I could just be wrong.
1-youre right i over exposed it cause i dig it like that cause im odd. there was no other point of view though really :( behind where i stood is a huge hill ha, in front is the water

2-thanks, im very fond of that fav it resembles lace

3-yeah i took it from the sunroof of the car haha best i could do before we passed it..i took it vertically and cropped out the ugliness at the top

4-yo no se

nothin bad at all...and im a sensitive lame-o ,so yay for you! haha :p

The mood you've set is something that I havn't seen in a long while. in my opinion.
Nice work , I think number 2 & 4 is your strongest. Was this shot with film or digital?
digital - she used a D50.

Love the shots! And I will also have to give the Nikon Sticker.
Thanks you guys!

ooh my pics have a "mood" ??


oh and thanks for the stickers :p

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