broken lights


Apr 5, 2014
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Really nice combination of colours.
I used one of the fuji built in film presets. They are kinda gimmicky but i thought maybe it worked. Oversaturated?
Not at all; it worked out well with the program you chose.
I like it but I'd like it more if there wasn't that oof area in the upper left corner

... and would certainly try some other processing. Colors are nice
I noticed the oof area at the top. It kinda bothered me too.
That looks like a 60's F600 Ford truck, am I right? :)

I like it. :)
Chevrolet Viking
love these old auto shots. Im even catching myself looking more at the 3rd shot. Makes me want to be there. That pipe coming out of the roof looks pretty zombie like as well. The 90 degree flip worked well on the first.
Thanks. I thought the 1st one was boring until I flipped it then liked it.
That looks like a 60's F600 Ford truck, am I right? :)

I like it. :)

Chevy Viking 60

I didn't notice it had been flipped. We have a Ford f600 of around the same year as that truck, with the same short (rock style) bed. It's a great old truck and always runs! To bad the windows got knocked out of that truck.
Yeah. It's been abused. Just sitting on side of the road at an old agriculture facility that has long since been used.

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