Bronica ETRsi Loose shutter?


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Jul 30, 2021
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Hello All ....thanks for having me
Dug out my ETRsi to take some Macro shots of imature newts .

Was intending to use my Bronica 200mm f/4.5 E MC Zenzanon Prime Lens and a bronica extension tube. However Its been a while and mounting the lense directly to the camera I noticed the shutter only half opened when I cocked the lense. I half expeted this so I removed the front and back lens elements and cleaned the shutter. The shutter seems to work now but I noticed that the whole shutter assembly ( the assembly that the lens elements screw into,((brass for the front and steel for the back) moves back and forth about 1/2 mm in the barrel. Is this normal?
If not does anyone know which screws I need to tighten?
PS if I had the money to let someone else service the lens I would have already done that.
I can't help you with the shutter question. But welcome to the forum.

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