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Jun 21, 2015
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Can others edit my Photos
Photos OK to edit does not Have To Be a Bronica.
But from the small amount of research I have done, they seem to be a "reliable" and also an "affordable" option.
I have never owned a Medium Format, but I think it might be time.
Are there any Models/Lenses that I should avoid.?
Hoping to get a body and a lens (maybe two.?) for about 500 bux.
I am hip to sending it off for a CLA more cost of course.
One of the "S" models.....or maybe the ETR.?
Thank You
Think you need to do a bit more research on Bronica formats and models. I'd cross the ancient S series cameras off your list--relics with near-zero repair options.

Unless you're OK with survivalist processing, make sure you have some local lab support.
Will do.......Thanks.
if you want to dip your toes into the ocean that is medium format SLR's without dropping a whale of a dime on it, I would look at some mamiyas.
you can get a mamiya 645 or 645 1000s with a lens or two for <$300.
its the 6x45 format, which is a little smaller than a 6x6 hassy or bronica, but still medium format.
(bronica ETR and ETRS are also 645 format)
one advantage to something like a hasselblad or bronica SQA will be the leaf shutter lenses, which the mamiya 645 lacks.
(the leaf shutter lens lets you sync flash at all shutter speeds...if i remember correctly)
buuuut, lenses for the mamiya are generally cheaper , but still render very nice images.
I had a mamiya 645 1000S for a while until part of the shutter mechanism broke. it was more expensive to fix than replace. I just recently saw at small local camera extravaganza a mamiya 645 1000S with prism finder, 80mm f2.8, 45mm f/2.8, and 150mm f/3.5 for $250.

I guess it will really depend on the used market in your area, current ebay listings, and which system you decide to invest in.
the system you choose will determine how much $500 will get you.
Thank You.....I will look at All of that.
It is SO different (Medium Format) than 35mm.
Sure, A Nikon F2 varies a good bit from a Canon AE-1P.....kind of Apples to Oranges But Medium Cameras are more like Apples to Cement Trucks, if you know what I mean.
I suppose it is just that I am familiar with 35mm. If I buy the Nikon or the Canon, I just assume it needs CLA... and I know good techs for both.
But I have No Idea about Mediums.....who works on them, or what repairs (if available) might cost.
Uncharted waters for me I'm afraid. :)
Anyway.....Thanks Again. Guess I need to do some more reading.....Appreciate The Help

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