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Nov 1, 2018
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New England
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~ BROOKS - Working The Cover Crop ~


~ BROOKS - Special Delivery ~


~ TEAM BROOKS ~ BROOKS is seen delivering a bird to his owner / handler Barry.

~ BROOKS On Retrieve ~ A dreamlike image of gun dog BROOKS as he makes his way over a New England stone wall whilst carrying a large rooster ring-neck.

I recently hosted Barry and his yellow Labrador Retriever gun dog BROOKS, for a few days focused on the development of skill sets relative to competent working dog skills on upland game birds.

Not a bird hunter himself, Barry runs his retriever BROOKS in AKC licensed hunt test events as a means of providing meaningful activity for his sporting dog companion. BROOKS currently is an AKC Junior Hunter titled dog and the majority of his field training has been focused on training for hunt tests utilizing ducks as training birds.

The training time I spent with Barry and BROOKS this week was specific to the applied practical field skills of quartering and movement through bird cover, maintaining proximity to the gunners, scenting / tracking, and flushing birds, marking of birds downed, location, recovery, and retrieve of the bird downed with delivery of the bird to hand of the handler. An emphasis was also placed on teamwork and communication between the handler, the gunner(s) and the retriever as it relates to safe, efficient, and cooperative movement whilst afield.

Barry and BROOKS shared invaluable time during our time spent working on these upland hunting concepts and I enjoyed my time providing them with a meaningful training experience. Upon their departure for their journey back to Delaware, Barry was provided with the breasts and legs of several pheasants for use in some game cookery once home. Barry has worked as a professional chef and has some absolutely mad cooking skills. TEAM BROOKS also let for home with a couple of whole frozen and properly tagged birds (in compliance with fish & game laws for transport and possession) to be utilized as training birds for BROOKS ton do his homework with.

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Fantastic imagery and wonderful documentary. I really enjoy your posts. Thank you sir.
Fantastic imagery and wonderful documentary. I really enjoy your posts. Thank you sir.

Aye Mate,
Thank ye for ye much appreciated feedback and kind commentary.

Mike ☘️
Supper is coming home. I do like a game bird:).
Love the effect in #4 was this a filter, as I have not seem this style since using Colin filters some 30 years ago.
Ah looks very much like a Cokin filter where the centre section is clear and the edges are frosted
Depending what f stop used gave more or less of the image in focus
I like the mood and monochrome-ish look of your last photo.

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