Budget Rebel XT lens reccomendations wanted!


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Oct 19, 2007
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Looking for a lens, preferably wide angle.
Looking for a decent aperature for low light conditions, and anything else
that may apply to buying a lense I guess.

I have a pretty low budget set <200 dollars, is anything here going to outperform the kit lense? These will be used for Skateboarding pictures as well as landscape type shots of random places.
It doesnt matter if it is ef or ef-s (MF or AF?) as I am comfortable with both.

Thankyou for the help guys! Im always here if anyone needs computer help! :thumbup:
This has probably been stated many times before, but good wide-angle performance and small budget do not neccessarily go hand-in-hand. At $200, there is nothing I can think of off-hand. The kit lens is like $130 to give you an idea. If it's a fast aperature you want, look at the 50 f/1.8 at around $80. Anything else is at least twice your budget. EF 24 f/2.8, 28 f/2.8, 35 f/2. All lack a USM motor so AF will be slow except for the 20 f/2.8 and 28 f/1.8.
Canon 28-105mm f/3.5-4.5.

I think it's like $220.
I checked the 50 1.8, it appears to be a 35mm lens?
Also that 28-105 doesnt seem to bad.

What is USM? Light monitoring or something? Sorry i could google this couldnt I.

Also, i just want a wide angle lens. Is there much optical difference in more expensive lenses? I dont have a job and absolutely no money income.
The 1.8 was designed for the 35mm, but it is an excellent choice for your cropped censored camera for portraits. It is not a wide angle, however.

USM is the lens motor type, it stands for the ultrasonic motor drive... basically a high speed focusing motor system.
Well thankyou for helping and not flaming.The speed of the AF isnt a big deal or main priority if thats what the USM does it just quicker af. Most of the time I will probably be in Mf, but AF is always nice.
I know its normal, but for the price its something to throw in my bag. And another lense cant hurt.
Hows that 28-105? Any better then stock? I might get it for its size, and ask my mom for the 1.8 for Xmas. That would probably work out to my linking.
I have the 28-105 on my XT. For the money, it's a great lens (better than the kit lens). I know you want a wide angle, and it's more of a wide-regular to telephoto, but you might find some use for the longer focal length. Just my 2 cents. I haven't had much experience with other lenses in your price range/focal length.

Here's some samples. Not edited in PS.



Think im going to order the 50 soon. And convince mom to help with the 28-105.
Just to make sure, even though the lense is film orientated it will fit because of the EF mount right?

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