Lens Recommendations for EOS R Videography

Discussion in 'DSLR Video Discussion' started by rocketcityman, May 1, 2020.

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    Hi Everyone!

    An amateur here hoping to up his game, so please help me navigate any pitfalls here!

    I'm about to make a big leap (from my perspective) from an old beginners DSLR (Panasonic G3) into the world of Canon. The G3 has been fun but I've maxed out what I can do with it creatively. I was thinking about this switch over 18 months ago and at the time was dead set on the 80D but heard of the 90D, which I preferred in terms of features, but just recently have I found out about the EOS R and I think I'm smitten.

    My applications are going to likely be about 70% video and 30% point and shoot.

    Two things I've always been disappointed with using my old camera with the non-prime lens that came with it:
    • For stills: Landscape and sky shots (moon, cloud formations, sunsets) look woefully flat and distant. That likely is more the lens than anything. And beyond flat I don't feel like it gives me the "expanse" visual experience I'm perceiving with my eyes. I'm not sure if this equates simply to needing a wider angle lens or if the F-stop matters for such things, but I want the representation of the photo to come closer (by whatever degree) to how I'm perceiving it (cropped of course to the view selection).
    • Video: Indoor video vlogging is not beautiful or sharp/crisp, and again I feel like with the small rooms I film in even at maximum distance (often no more than 8ft from me, sometimes 6ft) I'm not getting enough of the surroundings (the "expanse" of the room).

    One last application I want to use the EOS R for is backpacking videos (hiking trails, mountains, valleys, streams, etc.) and I need a lens that will capture such settings nicely. Now I don't want something to be so wide or curved that it distorts the image (I've seen some F1.4 lenses that seem to do that).

    My budget for now (next year I can save up for additional lenses) probably is only going to allow me to purchase about $1600 worth of lenses. And I need two lenses: one prime and one zoom. Buying used is an option.


    If I had to pick one prime lens based on what I said above, what should it be?

    I had one idea for a prime lens, and would like to get everyone's thoughts: Canon EF 35mm f/1.4L USM Wide Angle Lens. (Obviously, I will need the adapter ring for EF lenses on the EOS R). What situations would that be good in? Terrible in? More fit for outdoor than indoor use, or vice versa? Do you think that fits with my stated use cases or no?

    Then, secondly, I need some zoom lens, especially more for my still shots (distance shots and also maybe extreme zoom on birds, frogs, smaller animals generally, flowers, etc.).

    So what do you think? Am I dreaming with this set up or is this doable?

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