Bulguksa Temple; South Korea


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Dec 13, 2007
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This is Bulguksa temple near Gyongju, South Korea. All critiques are welcome. Also, does anybody know of a good technique in photoshop elements to gid rid of the rain drop smear that is located on the roof above the middle light? It is not that noticeable in the print so I may just not worry about it.

looks nice, i didnt notice the mark until you pointed it out!

It took me awhile to notice it too but once I did I can't stop looking at it--one of those perfectionist things I guess. I know part of the sky is burned out too but this doesn't bother me as I don't thing it takes away from the photo (and perhaps adds to it).
BTW, I originally shot this as a series of 5 exposures for an HDR. I liked the outcome at first but then it got cheesy (too surreal). Below is the HDR version.


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