Burining 1000 Wedding Photos on multiple DVDs...?


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Oct 23, 2009
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Miami, FL
I have a problem. After longer (three day) weddings I have tons of pictures to burn. Sometimes I burn 6-7 DVD's.
It is slow to copy and paste files into the burning software for each individual DVD 6-8 times.
I am just wondering whether there is a way to burn 2000 images on 10 DVD's without individually selecting the files for each individual DVD. I am thinking some software where I specify the file folder and it just asks me to put in the next DVD into the burner...

This is what I do. Within a file folder of a specific shoot I create folders that contain the photos that I want to burn. I limit the folder size to a size that will fit onto a DVD, less than 4gig. If I have more pictures than 4gig then I simply create another folder. Then just drag this folder to the DVD drive. After the folder of photos is successfully burned to DVD I change the folder icon to a "DVD" icon. This way I know that that folder is on DVD and I do not waste time mistakenly burning a duplicate folder.

I arrange the folder names by the burn date. Such as 10.10.10-1 which stands for October 10, 2010 #1. I then write (with sharpe) this on the DVD. I also use a note card (like a card catalog) to quickly see what DVD's are in what DVD folder (not file folder an actual DVD folder to hold DVD's).
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Nero can make several copies. I can't wait for blu-ray disk to drop down in price. You can get 50gb on a dual layer disk. One thing you might want to look at are DL (dual layer) DVD+R. You get over 8gb / disk.

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